Why Trust DBS Building Solutions® For Commercial Cleaning & Building Maintenance?

Dependable, Thorough Commercial Cleaning Services. No Long-Term Contracts. Quality Score Rating System (QSRS).

Here’s why we are different from other commercial cleaning providers:

1. Quality Control 

Quality control is our number one focus.  It is how we can deliver consistent results for our cleaning service clients.  We use a proprietary rating system.  It’s called Quality Score Rating System (QSRS).  QSRS™ was developed and implemented by DBS Building Solutions® for the purpose of consistent monitoring of each cleaning crews’ performance using real and measurable factors.

How Does QSRS Work?

Each cleaning crew is assigned a Quality Score Rating (from 1 – 5), which is assessed and updated monthly, based on the quality of cleaning service they provide to clients assigned to them.  The QSR is based on real and measurable factors, which include, among other metrics:

  • Client feedback and survey responses.
  • Internal feedback (from DBS Building Solutions®’ Customer Service Department)
  • Account Retention Rates & Statistics
  • Dedicated Operations Manager Inspections

How Does QSRS Benefit You?

Crews are assigned new accounts based on their QSR, which not only motivates our providers to maintain a higher score, as well as ensures that our customers are matched with the very best cleaning crew available.

2. Dedicated Operations Manager

Each DBS Building Solutions® client is assigned a dedicated Operations Manager who’s motivated and has incentive to ensure your expectations are not just being met, but are exceeded.  Our Operations Managers make regular account visits to inspect your office or facility from floor to ceiling.

Your Operations Manager will make sure your floors are being cleaned properly, restrooms and kitchens are thoroughly disinfected, and building surfaces are dusted and carefully cleaned.

DBS Building Solutions® proactive approach to customer service is what sets us apart from the competition!   At DBS Building Solutions®, we don’t have to sit back and wait for complaints or hide behind email and voicemail, no instead we take a proactive management approach so you don’t have to.

3. Skilled Cleaning Service Professionals

Our cleaning service professionals are highly-trained, experienced and knowledgeable in the commercial cleaning & building maintenance industries. They are carefully screened to ensure you receive the best and most dependable service available.

4. No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t lock our customers into a long-term contract.  Instead, we confidently offer a month-to-month agreement to provide each customer with assurance that DBS Building Solutions’® cleaning service will provide reliable and consistent building maintenance and office cleaning services each and every time we visit your facility.

5. Additional Janitorial & Maintenance Service

DBS Building Solutions® can also be counted on to provide your facility or office with floor maintenance, snow removal, painting, handyman work and general facility maintenance. With DBS Building Solutions® you can eliminate the hassle of having multiple companies handling your janitorial services and building maintenance needs. We do it all!

6. Superior Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a company in the janitorial industry and our strong focus on customer service is one of the main reasons why DBS Building Solutions® has established itself as a great leader in the commercial cleaning industry. At DBS Building Solutions® we take a proactive, honest management approach combined with no long-term contracts to push our productivity to the next level to hold onto clients like you.

7. DBS Building Solutions® Is Growing With You

DBS Building Solutions® has been delivering consistent and reliable commercial cleaning services covering over 2.5 million square feet of cleaning throughout CT, NJ, PA, MA, RI, FL & AZ since 2005.  With multiple locations throughout the Northeast, DBS Building Solutions® is one of the fastest growing companies in the commercial cleaning industry.

DBS Building Solutions® can handle all your COVID-19 sanitizing, commercial cleaning, building maintenance, and office janitorial needs with quality controls, screened experienced cleaners and assurance through no long-term contracts.

In addition to commercial cleaning, DBS Building Solutions® offers floor maintenance, snow removal, painting, handyman work and general facility maintenance. We are your one-stop-shop for all your building maintenance & cleaning needs!

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