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Specialty Cleaning Services

DBS Building Solutions is your partner in specialty Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleanup

DBS Cleaning Solutions offers exceptional commercial cleaning services with a specialization in Post Construction Cleanup, ensuring a spotless and safe environment for your business operations. Leveraging advanced techniques and equipment, we deliver superior quality, efficient service in all our cleanup tasks, helping you transition smoothly from construction to operation.

Clean Room Cleaning

Specializing in Clean Room services, DBS Cleaning Solutions provides meticulous cleaning and maintenance for sensitive environments, meeting stringent standards with precision and care. We employ advanced technologies and adhere to strict protocols to ensure your clean rooms are always contamination-free and ready for your critical operations.

Disinfection Services

DBS Cleaning Solutions excels in providing comprehensive disinfection services, ensuring your commercial spaces are hygienic and safe for all occupants. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly disinfectants, we work to eradicate harmful pathogens and foster a healthy work environment.

Our Expertise

What sets us apart from the competition?

We Listen

A DBS Building Solutions® Representative will visit your facility to discuss your cleaning needs and expectations.

Industry Experience

Our Representatives have the experience to use your input, as well as their own industry knowledge, to create a janitorial program that will exceed your expectations.


Each customer receives a customized Service Proposals, tailored to meet their specific needs. This means you get the services you want and need, and you do not pay for services you don’t need!

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