Floor Maintenance

DBS Building Solutions® is not your typical cleaning company. You can count on DBS to be your One-Stop-Shop for all your janitorial and Building Maintenance needs.

professional floor refinishing

Floor Maintenance Services by DBS Building Solutions®

Here at DBS, we offer professional and thorough floor maintenance services. Our floor cleaning services are available on all types of flooring including VCT & vinyl, ceramic tile & grout, carpeting, hardwoods, and concrete.

Here’s a list of services DBS can provide based on your specific flooring.

  • Stripping & Refinishing – protects the floor from damage and optimizes appearance
    • Removal of all old floor finish (stripping)
    • Thorough cleaning and rinsing of the bare floor surface
    • Reapplication of several coats of new floor finish
  • Scrubbing & Recoating – protects the floor from damage and optimizes appearance (cost-effective alternative to stripping & refinishing for well-maintained floors)
    • Machine cleaning of all old floor finish (scrubbing)
    • Thorough cleaning and rinsing of the clean floor surface
    • Reapplication of at least 2 coats of new floor finish
  • Buffing and Burnishing – restores the shine to finished floors to keep them looking their best (frequency varies depending on traffic and desired result)

Machine Scrubbing – Thoroughly cleans and removes stains, soil and grime from ceramic tile and grout.

    • Machine cleaning/scrubbing of all tile and grout to loosen dirt, debris and grime
    • Vacuuming all tile and grout to remove loosened dirt, debris, and grime
    • Rinsing of clean floor surface
    • Sealing of tile & grout (optional)

Hot Water Extraction – The most thorough and cost effective carpet cleaning available (recommended by most carpet manufacturers).

    • Stains are pre-sprayed with a cleaning agent
    • A solution of hot water and detergent is sprayed into the carpet fibers
    • Carpeting is agitated to loosen dirt and soil
    • Dirt, soil and detergent is vacuumed (extracted) out of the carpeting

Restoration & Refinishing – Our process removes scratches and wear, and restores the beauty of your hardwood floor.

    • Sand existing flooring down to bare wood and remove any imperfections
    • Thoroughly clean bare floor to ensure surface is free of dust and debris
    • Apply stain if desired (optional)
    • Apply wood sealer and three coats of floor finish

Resurfacing – Our process provides you with the most cost-effective solutions for upgrading and rejuvenationg your concrete flooring.  Numerous products and processes are available and include:

  • Epoxy Coatings
    • A durable two-part resin available in multiple colors that can be applied to existing concrete.  Epoxy is an excellent choice for industrial areas that require a durable surface.
  • Spray-Down Systems
    • Involves spraying a textured coating on to existing concrete to creat a slip-resistant surfaces.  This can be an excellent and cost-effective choice for outdoor areas.
  • Self-Leveling Overlays
    • Can be applied in varying thicknesses, whether to correct only minor imperfections or completely resurface your existing concrete.