Services We Offer

DBS Building Solutions® is dedicated to bringing industry leading cleaning solutions to our customers through our network of local service providers.

Services Include:Services we Offer

  • Commercial Cleaning
    • General Offices
    • Medical & Healthcare Facilities
    • Schools & Early Learning Centers
    • Churches
    • Car Dealerships
    • Fitness Centers
    • And More
  • Periodic Floor Maintenance
    • VCT & Vinyl Flooring
      • Stripping & Refinishing
      • Scrubbing & Recoating
      • Burnishing
    • Ceramic Flooring
      • Machine Scrubbing Tile & Grout
      • Pressure Cleaning Tile & Grout
      • Tile & Grout Sealing
    • Hardwood Flooring
      • Restoration & Refinishing (no dust & no odor)
    • Concrete Flooring
      • Resurfacing & Maintaining
  • Window Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Snow Removal
  • Light Construction
  • Light Bulb Replacement
  • And more!


DBS Building Solutions® is flexible enough to accommodate all your commercial cleaning and building maintenance needs.  If you are in need of building services outside our field of expertise, we will utilize our industry knowledge and contacts to assist you in finding the right person for the job.  We can even coordinate the work and manage the project, eliminating any headaches or hassle on your end.

Through proper communication, we can handle any issue, and develop a plan to fully satisfy all your janitorial needs within your designated budget.


Special Services Offered

DBS not only offers monthly cleaning service, but a wide variety of additional services, too.  Whatever the need, we can handle the project!

VCT & Vinyl Flooring

Stripping & Refinishing – protects the floor from damage and optimizes appearance

  • Removal of all old floor finish (stripping)
  • Thorough cleaning and rinsing of the bare floor surface
  • Reapplication of several coats of new floor finish

Scrubbing & Recoating – protects the floor from damage and optimizes appearance (cost-effective alternative to stripping & refinishing for well maintained floors)

  • Machine cleaning of all old floor finish (scrubbing)
  • Thorough cleaning and rinsing of the clean floor surface
  • Reapplication of at least 2 coats of new floor finish

Buffing and Burnishing – restores the shine to finished floors to keep them looking their best (frequency varies depending on traffic and desired result)

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Machine Scrubbing – Thoroughly cleans and removes stains, soil and grime from ceramic tile and grout.

  • Machine cleaning/scrubbing of all tile and grout to loosen dirt, debris and grime
  • Vacuuming all tile and grout to remove loosened dirt, debris and grime
  • Rinsing of clean floor surface
  • Sealing of tile & grout (optional)

Carpeted Flooring

Hot Water Extraction – The most thorough and cost effective carpet cleaning available (recommended by most carpet manufacturers).

  • Stains are pre-sprayed with a cleaning agent
  • A solution of hot water and detergent is sprayed into the carpet fibers
  • Carpeting is agitated to loosen dirt and soil
  • Dirt, soil and detergent is vacuumed (extracted) out of the carpeting

*Dry/waterless options are available (inquire with your DBS representative).


Hardwood Flooring

Restoration & Refinishing – Our process removes scratches and wear, and restores the beauty of your hardwood floor, with no dust or odor.


Concrete Flooring

Resurfacing – Our process provides you with the most cost effective method of resurfacing and maintaining your concrete flooring.  Floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and you can walk on the floors 24 hours after completion.