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Office Cleaning FAQ 

DBS partners with local cleaning companies to deliver services to healthcare and medical facilities.  These are professional cleaning companies that are carefully screened and vetted.  Additionally, each customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who is an employee of DBS, who is responsible for supervising the services provided and ensuring your satisfaction.

Yes, typically it is the same cleaner/cleaners who will be servicing your medical facility.  This is better for both parties as it’s much more efficient to have someone servicing your facility who understands your needs and is familiar with your space.

Our cleaning services are customized to meet the unique requirements of each client. In office-type facilities this typically includes trash removal, surface and floor cleaning and dusting, as well as thorough cleaning and disinfecting of kitchen areas, lunchrooms and restrooms. 

DBS boasts an impressive customer retention rate, with an average customer lifespan of nearly four years. This stands out in an industry where the typical account lasts only 27 months. 

We service offices ranging from 1,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet. This includes everything from small professional offices to large multi-tenant buildings.

The recommended frequency of cleaning for an office building can vary from once per week to seven times per week, depending on the number of occupants, building layout and your specific needs.

Our service providers are professionals in the cleaning industry and have all the knowledge, experience and certifications required.  We are happy to provide you with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training certificates at your request, including Bloodborne Pathogens, Needlestick Prevention, and more.

Yes! We are very familiar with HIPPA regulations and deal with sensitive documents frequently in the medical and healthcare field. For peace of mind, many customers have us sign a form agreeing that we will not share or disclose any sensitive information we come across while performing our cleaning duties.

Our monthly pricing includes everything we need to perform the job to your specifications, including all cleaning equipment and supplies, with the exception of consumable supplies (paper towels, toilet tissue, hand soap, trash liners, etc.).  However, you can purchase these consumable supplies through DBS for your convenience.

You have two main lines of communication.  At your discretion, you can certainly call the leader of your crew.  You will have his or her contact information, and usually they are able to accommodate small requests or minor issues on their own.  However, you can also communicate with your dedicated Account Manager at DBS for any concerns or requests.

In addition to our standard janitorial services, we offer deep cleaning services, disinfecting services, floor maintenance and refinishing, carpet cleaning, window washing, and a variety of other building maintenance services.

The pricing we provide is based on the time we estimate it will take to perform the job to your satisfaction.  We can however work up a package price and be as competitive as possible, while still ensuring we’re able to perform to expectation.

We can use specific cleaning products at your request, but typically we use a variety of commercial cleaning products from reputable manufacturers, including commercial-grade disinfectants and neutral floor cleaners.

We have a very basic agreement with our customers that can be canceled at any time upon 30 days notice.