5 Reasons Why Business Owners Outsource Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to an ideal office environment, clean and sanitary are usually two things that come to mind. It would be nice for everyone to be trained on how to properly maintain and clean their work spaces, and actually have the time to commit to cleaning meticulously and take pleasure in the process all at the same time. This just isn’t feasible in the real world. Effective cleaning results can only be achieved by devoting time, effort, and technology into the process. There are so many reasons just like these that convince building owners and managers to outsource janitorial companies, but the top five reasons are as follows:

  1. “It is too costly to employ our own janitorial staff.”

Hire a commercial clenaing comapnyHiring your own janitors is very expensive when you consider all the things that uses up money and time, like: training, wages, health insurance, cleaning equipment and products, overtime, and vacation time. This is a large investment. When you outsource a commercial cleaning and maintenance company, there is only one contract, one point of payment, and way more cost-effective. Many building managers and owners are realizing this secret!

  1. “We lack the technology and the experience to clean effectively.”

This is true. Commercial janitorial companies have the latest technologies and cleaning agents, as ell as the rigorous training and certifications required in the industry. At a good commercial cleaning company, employees are owner operators, meaning they chose the commercial cleaning industry as their vocation and pursued it educationally. This means they are all certified, highly trained, and highly skilled. Be sure this is the case in the cleaning company you choose.

  1. “We just don’t have the time. We need to focus on our business.”

Yep. You shouldn’t have time to clean when you’re in the office. This is the time in which you make your bread and butter. Not worrying about scraping AC ducts and polishing chairs and light fixtures. This is what a professional facility cleaning and maintenance company will do for you. Not just cleaning, but maintenance issues as well. If something is broken, they are certified and licensed to fix it!

  1. “Commercial janitorial companies are affordable and flexible with our changing schedule and cleaning needs.”

Yes! A good professional cleaning company can design a customized cleaning plan just for your company’s specific needs. And you usually work one on one with a project manager that over sees the cleaning staff in your building every day. So not only will a customized plan fit any schedule, it will fit any budget as well, making it way more affordable than hiring your own janitors.

  1. “We find comfort in knowing that everything is up to code, sanitary, and tended-to for us.”

Because the same staff comes every day, or whatever plan or day you choose, they become familiar and kind faces, and almost like part of the family. You will see them every week with smiling faces while they produce the highest quality work possible.\

Outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company is the most cost-effective janitorial cleaning option for your company. If you don’t believe it, ask your colleagues and even your competitors! Then you can see for yourself just how affordable and beneficial hiring a janitorial cleaning service truly is.

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Keeps Employees From Getting Sick

There are those of us that have gone home from work to find out that your son or daughter has gotten sick  from another peer at daycare or school and YOU end up with a cold.  Being sick you still go to work, knowing that there is a potential to spread your sickness to your coworkers but you can’t call in all your sick days for every little cold. This is one of the best reasons why commercial cleaning services and building maintenance are needed in buildings and offices that have many workers.

With routine cleaning and maintenance in place employers can have the confidence that workers will less likely get sick from other workers that are sick and will have higher productivity levels in general.

Routine cleaning by a professional cleaning company is usually more cost effective and thorough at minimizing the spread of viruses versus hiring your own in-house cleaners.  You can get results from a professional cleaning services that make a positive impact for your facility’s environment.

Routine janitorial cleaning includes basic cleaning and disinfecting of floors, surfaces, counters, trash cans, door handles, keyboards and equipment to the owner’s specs as well as trash removal and supplies replenishment for toiletries and trash bags.

Building maintenance  helps keep floors looking new, light bulbs working, walls looking fresh with new paint and other services like snow removal, professional window cleaning and professional pressure washing and more.

By having routine maintenance and cleaning in place a building owner or office manager can achieve a clean disinfected environment for worker efficiency, a more cost effective and more thorough cleaning vs in-house,  and completion of many of the small problem associated with keeping up with the building maintenance and supplies replenishment needed.

Door Mats At Every Door Keeps Your Place Clean Longer

DBS commercial mat cleaningHiring professional cleaners to ensure that your facility stays clean is a smart move, but you also need to know various ways in which you can help maintain the cleanliness in your establishment. This is where entrance mats come in. These mats (also known as walk off mats) come in many different shapes and sizes. If you want your building to stay clean, you need to ensure that there’s an entrance mat at every door.

Advantages of using Entrance Mats

1)   You can’t ask people to take off their shoes.

According to studies by ISSA (the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), about 80% of all the contaminants affecting any facility comes from the shoes of people in the building. Now you can’t exactly ask your visitors to take off their shoes before they go in any room of the building. By having entrance mats at every door, you ensure that they at least have a way to wipe their shoes before entering and/or walk off some of the debris.

2)   Entrance mats guard your establishment from added dust and mud.

You may not be able to control what kind of dust and mud goes in but having an entrance mat by the door is a way to guard it from the unnecessary. Say for instance the person came from outside where it’s extra dusty. Having an entrance mat allows that person to remove some of that excess dust so that it won’t go inside your building.

3)   You don’t have to worry about rain.

Rain is a nightmare for those trying to keep a certain area clean, because with rain comes wet shoes and muddy floors. If you have an entrance mat welcoming each guest at every doorway, you don’t have to worry about rain and getting your floors all muddy. They can simply wipe their shoes clean and dry before entering.

4)   It can be useful and decorative at the same time.

What some people forget is that doormats don’t have to be plain and ugly. You can be as decorative as you want to be, matching the entrance mat with the decors of your establishment or office or giving your visitors a sneak peek of what they can expect inside. You can even use it as a branding tool by having your logo or company name imprinted on the mat.

5)   It’s a way to minimize slip hazards.

Cleaning commercial mattsAccording to the National Floor Safety Institute in this paper, “more than 3 million food service employees and over 1 million guests are injured annually as a result of restaurant slips and falls.” Clearly, slipping is a danger that’s quite common. With an entrance mat at every doorstep however, you can easily minimize the risk of people slipping as they navigate their way into your building.

6)   You can prevent floor damage.

With well-placed entrance mats, you can also prevent interior floor damage by protecting your floor surfaces. It’s not just the people that you protect from accidents, you protect your facility as well.

7)   It can help you with bacteria regulation.

Some doormats can actually be infused with microbe-killing powers that can help you with bacteria regulation. So not only do you keep your rooms clean as far as your eyes can see, you also keep them clean even on a microorganism level.

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Commercial Cleaning Is Just Cleaning?

In today’s fast paced world, commercial cleaning is a task delegated to companies with people that cover the entire spectrum of diligence and skill.  Cleaning can be a overlooked part of running a business or facility, overlooked until things start to go wrong, like employees getting sick or a lack of cleanliness that customers can see.  Until then, cleaning services can often be viewed almost as a commodity.  The general concept of cleanliness and professionalism is expected, and little more thought is given to the matter until airborne sicknesses begin to spread, or complaints roll in, telling of unsightly blemishes.
Hire a commercial clenaing comapny
As long as everything is running smoothly, exceptional commercial cleaning services may be regarded as a luxury, a set of excuses to raise prices without adding much value in the cleaning department.

A closer look, however, reveals this way of thinking doesn’t hold up.  Recent studies have shown that cleanliness delivers direct benefits to a business in a myriad of ways, from bringing more sales and making partners and investors comfortable, to raising productiveness among employees who feel comfortable where they work.

There are a few important ways to approach selecting the right commercial cleaning service, that will ensure the most thorough and effective job is done.

Keeping It Together From Within:

A higher standard of cleanliness brings clear internal benefits to any business or institution. The high morale that comes with working or otherwise spending time in an extraordinarily clean space cannot be replicated any other way. The improved employee health and lack of visitor health issues saves money, from a lack of sick days taken to more serious issues for sensitive venues such as hospitals and churches. These benefits come from selecting a commercial cleaning service that values diligence and internal accountability, and will not overlook things that may come back to haunt.


A good cleaning company swoops in and does a job. An exceptional one keeps constant and direct communication with the client. The best cleaning services keep a multiple tiered accountability structure, where the company adjusts to the client’s concerns, and also exercises oversight of its own workers with dedicated managers for each job site. Constant communication between all involved ensures nothing is left overlooked or undone.


Working with a company that understands the most minute differences between floor types and how to approach them for the most effective cleaning, or that makes it a point to be well versed in every regulation governing the different types of buildings they serve, will result in an undeniable difference from an average commercial cleaning company. The best are the ones who take everything they do seriously, and that includes making themselves experts in everything that can come into play in commercial cleaning.

Rigorous Training:

Training is an area that can expose the corners cut by many average cleaning companies. While many will do little more than to simply turn their employees loose,___ The best training program will create a culture at the company, where everyone knows what is expected, and everyone is on the same page. Such a culture, devoid of disgruntled workers common in cleaning and janitorial jobs, will operate like a fine-tuned machine, and allow a client to rest freed of concerns about motivation.

Cleaning is an investment that can protect and even grow a business, church, hospital or other commercial venture. A commercial cleaning service that goes beyond every expectation is one that will help a business in more ways that it may ever be able to count.

Are Your Office Restrooms Really Clean?

office bathroom cleaningThere is nothing that says ‘spotless clean office’ like ‘spotless clean restrooms’; equally, nothing says your commercial cleaning company provides quality service like the pristine restrooms in your office building. More often than desired, clients go into an office bathroom only to be greeted by nasty smells or very strong scents that clearly state that no care is being put into cleaning it effectively.

There is a process for cleaning an office bathroom effectively and professionally. For example, the cleaning staff has to study the restroom to identify where the odors come from in order to get rid of them.

Odors can come from many sources, for example from dirt, bacteria, and drains, among others. To keep odors under control, cleaners have to thoroughly clean and disinfect every surface in the bathroom; mopping every day will get the surface dirt off, but the cleaner may have to use a more aggressive method to get rid of the dirt that has penetrated the grout. The proper training of the cleaning staff will ensure bathrooms are correctly cleaned. A properly trained employee will get rid of the dirt you can see as well as of the one you can’t, he or she will know what cleaners and disinfectants to use and how to use them, contributing to solving the odor problem, instead of creating it.

The staff must recommend the best products to help keep the restrooms smelling fresh, like commode mats for urinals and toilets to avoid any urine from dripping on the floor and to diminish odors, and air fresheners with soft fragrances that are not offensive to the user.

After odors have been controlled, a bathroom is considered spotless clean if the following are met:

– Dispensers are free of spots and dust, and are correctly filled with the right supplies.
– All the trash is gone and a clean liner has been installed into the trashcan. The trash can’s outside has no stains, fingerprints, and dust.
– Toilets, urinals, and urinal screens have no soil, spots, stains, and urine or other fluids, on the inside and the outside.
– Sinks, fixtures, and drinking fountains have no water spots, stains, soap, and dirt around the base.
– Countertops and ledges have no soil and dust.
– Mirrors have no stains, fingerprints, water spots, streaks, and other residues.
– The bathroom floors have no dirt, hair, paper, gum, soil build-up, urine, and other fluids.
– Floor drain covers have no soil, lint, mop strings, and dirt.
– Ceiling vents have no dust, lint, and build-up.
– Partitions, doors, doorknobs, walls, and ceilings have no soil, stains, fingerprints, water spots, and graffiti.

professional restrooms clenaing companyThe best way to ensure your commercial cleaning service is doing a superb job, besides checking their work personally after cleaning, is to be honest and see if you would be willing to use that bathroom yourself every single day. Everyone is extremely picky about the restrooms they use, and if you are certain that you would feel comfortable using your office’s public bathrooms this means they probably are spotless clean.

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Professional Office Cleaning For Every Type of Company

Professional office cleaning services can keep your office looking clean, tidy, and sparkling. Cleanliness is important in the work place because not only does it help to give a professional image to anybody visiting the office but it is also important in order to ensure that employees remain healthy and safe from allergens and pollutants. Choosing professional office cleaning services means finding the company that offers the best service at the most affordable prices.

Improved Health And Safety

imporve work place healthInfections and illnesses are very easy to spread and the other office or other workplace is a common breeding ground for bacteria. The office is also commonly filled with dust, allergens, and toxins that can lead to illnesses. When employees become ill it means lost resources and your business will inevitably lose man hours because of this.

Improved Productivity

Professional office cleaning services can remove the potential for absenteeism. A professional service can attend your office regularly and clean thoroughly from top to bottom. Not only does this remove the immediate threat but proper cleaning can prevent such bacteria and other airborne contagions from spreading so easily around an office. With such a concentrated collection of people in a single office, it is easy to see how illness can spread quickly through businesses.

Make The Right Impression

If you have customers visit your premises then the last thing you want them to see is a dirty and unclean office. Cleaning your office yourself may not yield the results you desire and asking employees to do it can lead to injury and illness, and ultimately to your being sued. Cleaning is rarely a part of your workforce’s job description and it is best left to the professionals to ensure a clean environment and a professional finish. Choosing professional office cleaning services means finding the company that offers the best service at the most affordable prices. Preparing a check list of what you need from a reliable cleaning company would be a really sensible starting point as it allows you to be prepared and defines what you require before any potential contractors arrive to quote

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning services can clean all the areas of your office. As well as cleaning the floors and desks, they can clean the insides of windows, mop kitchen and toilet floors, and clean surfaces in these area to prevent the spread of bacteria and give a sparkling shine to any room and to any office. Whether your office employs 5 or 500 people you should always ensure that you consider professional office cleaning services.

Are You Ensuring That All Your Office Cleaning Needs Are Met?

dbs commercial cleaning servicesOffice cleaning is a service well sought in a lot of places. With many commercial establishments in the region and little time to cater to polishing needs, many building owners usually have different cleaning needs which are carried out at odd after duty hours. Office cleaning companies have learned to diversify their services in order to meet the different client needs. These are also offered at odd hours according to the time specified by the office owners. The contract cleaning services available include:

Daily office cleaning
This refers to general cleaning services offered to office owners and companies on a daily basis. These usually include vacuuming, dusting, clearing trash cans, clearing surfaces like the sinks and rinsing the washrooms. These services usually have a fixed hourly rate depending on the time required to cleanse the offices. The polishing time is usually dependent on the size of the office and the amount of cleaning required. Daily office cleaning is usually an ongoing service offered to clients from the time the service is booked until the client wishes to terminate the service.

Kitchen cleaning
Kitchen cleaning encompasses overall cleansing of the office kitchen. This usually covers taking care of the dirty utensils and cutlery on the sink, the oven, the fridge, and any other component in the kitchen. This can be requested as a daily service, weekly or monthly service depending on the type of polishing the company requires.

Window cleaning
Window cleaning is usually a fortnightly or monthly polishing service offered to clients. This involves stationing staff that are well trained in window cleaning to ensure that the windows and window panes remain clean. This is not an everyday service thus the company sends cleaners when there is need. Regular window cleaning can also be done depending on the company’s specifications. A company may choose to select both window and curtain washing services to ensure that the curtains used on the windows are also left looking clean.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning is a specialized service that leaves the carpets in the office clean. Carpet cleaning usually involves a number of services. It includes the use of carpet washing machines to leave the carpet clean. This could either be shampooing or daily carpet vacuuming. Deep cleaning of the carpet is also done occasionally. Stain removal is also carried out on carpets to remove any form of stain that may be on the carpet. In addition, there is carpet rejuvenation which is done to remove any form of stiffness on the carpet fibers. The fibers that are lying flat are made to maintain an upright look which usually leaves the carpet looking as good as new.

Upholstery cleaning
Upholstery cleaning is part of office cleaning. After time, the chairs used in the office collect oil and dust thus leaving bad stains on the seats. Upholstery cleaning ensures that all the dirt is removed leaving clean and bright seats.

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Medical Building Concerns and Considerations When Cleaning

DBS building Solutions Medical CleaningMedical facility cleaning is a service  performed in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, doctor offices, dental clinics, and physical therapy centers. Medical facility cleaning cannot be performed by every commercial cleaning service, but DBS Building Solutions® can help. This type of cleaning requires people trained to clean up contagions and prevent cross-contamination.

Special Concerns Associated with Medical Facility Cleaning

Cross-contamination is the main concern when the service is provided in a facility with in-house patients like a hospital or clinic. If one person has a staph infection and the cleaning service does not take the necessary precautions they could inadvertently spread that staph infect to other patients in the facility.

• Proper disinfecting of all surfaces in the facility is necessary to stop things like the flu virus from spreading throughout the facility. In medical facilities there are sick people and those sick people leave the germs that could spread their illness on everything they touch. That means the cleaning service has to wipe down every surface in the facility with a disinfectant that is strong enough to kill the germs.

• A medical facility cleaning service must provide their employees with gloves, masks, goggles, and other protective equipment to reduce the risks that their employees will contract a contagious disease while performing their duties.

• The service provider needs a basic knowledge of medical equipment so they can sterilize and disinfectant everything properly.

• If the cleaning crew is ill they could bring illness into the facility. Any person having a fever of more than 100 should not be permitted to work. Anyone with an upper respiratory issue should wear a protective shield over their mouth so they do not spread germs throughout the facility.

• Careful attention must be paid to the bathrooms in these facilities. Floors should shine but not be slippery.

• Any trash that has blood contaminants or body fluids on it needs to be bagged in bio-hazard bags and kept separate from the other trash removed from the building.

Considerations that must be made by a Medical Facility Cleaning Service

medical building cleaning• All chemicals used need to be low in odor because people with breathing disorders, or allergies, will find strong odors offensive.

• The cleaning must be done at a time when there are no patients in the building. This means that most services have to be performed during the night time hours.

• Every square inch of the facility must be cleansed thoroughly including the filters on the air conditioning system.

• The cleaning crew should never touch blood or bodily fluids with their bare hands.

• Sharps containers must be in place for syringes and sharp objects.

Medical facility cleaning must be performed by janitorial crews that have been taught the proper safety measures to use in order to reduce the risks of spreading diseases. You obtain more information about medical facility cleaning here.

Fall Cleaning To Get Your Office Ready For Winter

Spring shouldn’t be the only time for a thorough office cleaning.

Unfortunately the official first day of autumn is tomorrow, September 23rd and as much as we’ll miss summer pool parties, BBQ’s, and drinks on the deck, there’s something special about the turning leaves and crisper, cooler temperatures.

DBS Building solutions for office fall cleaningSpringtime shouldn’t be the only season to focus on good quality cleaning. Take advantage of the extra time you spend inside during the shorter days. Remember these fall cleaning tips for your office, to start an enjoyable and healthy holiday season.

  1. If you spend more time on the computer while at home, remember to wipe down your electronics such as your keyboard, mouse and monitors. If you know your way around computer parts, dust the CPU fan as it can get pretty dusty (office-dwellers, do this too!).

  2. For many, the fall season conjures up images of Thanksgiving meals and lots of leftovers. Don’t forget to focus on germ hot spots throughout your office kitchen if you plan on having holiday parties . Don’t know what germ hot spots are? Click here for a list.

  3. Best to get your carpet or hard floors professionally cleaned before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Your floors might need special care depending on the traffic in the office.

  4. If you’re unpacking decorations from your storage closet, that’s the best time to take a look around at places you usually don’t clean.  Do you have a dust problem, dirty vents or extra cobwebs? See if your cleaning plan includes these problem areas and if not, contact your local cleaning professionals so they can take care of it for you.

  5. Vacuuming is an important step to annual or bi-annual cleaning, especially when it comes to your indoor air quality. We strongly suggest using a HEPA filtration vacuum. HEPA filters can remove up to 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns (very small).

What have you neglected over the summer (or year?)

There are lots of other areas to keep you busy while you clean up, including your lobby area, windows, random storage closets and various fixtures around your office or facility.

If you’re pretty disgusted by what you see in the nooks and crannies of your home or office, contact us to find your nearest DBS Building Solutions®.

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How To Reduce The Spread of Disease In The Office

hand washing instructionsWith winter on it’s way there are several steps you can take to do your part in reducing the transmission of disease in the workplace, according to the CDC. But the most important step is also the simplest: hand washing! But if you’re the owner or the manager, then it’s not just your own hand washing that you should be concerned about. You should also take steps to ensure that your employees follow your example.

So, What’s the Importance of Hand Washing?

Hand washing is perhaps the single most effective way to reduce the transmission of various infectious diseases, from the common cold to more serious ailments such as influenza. You can spread disease when you touch another person. Sometimes you don’t even need direct contact. You can touch an object handled by a sick person who hasn’t washed their hands, and then get sick yourself. It’s one of the more common ways that germs such as viruses and bacteria spread from one person to another.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

While hand washing should be done at regular intervals, there are times when you especially have to wash your hands properly. These times include:

  • When your hands are obviously dirty
  • After you’ve used the washroom
  • After you sneeze in your hands or blow your nose
  • Before and after eating or handling food
  • Before and after drinking and smoking
  • After you’ve handled animal waste or garbage
  • After handling pets and other animals
  • After being in contact with sick people

Hand Washing 101 — How to Wash Your Hands Properly

If you want your hands to be really clean, here’s how you do it:

  1. Get your hands thoroughly wet with running water.
  2. Place the soap in your palm and rub them together to make lather.
  3. Scrub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds before you rinse the soap off your hands.
  4. Turn off the faucet with a disposable paper towel. Do not use your clean hands to touch the faucet.
  5. Dry your hands with the disposable paper towel. Do not dry them on your clothes.
office hygiene
office hygiene

If you own or manage a business, you need to make sure that all your employees are aware of the proper steps for hand washing. Put up some posters in the restroom if you have to.

Unfortunately, it’s very common to have ailments such as the common cold spread all over your office, simply because just one person skipped hand washing at a critical time. That’s why the services of commercial cleaners have become highly sought after. These professionals are experienced in identifying the most common items (such as doorknobs and faucets) which can harbor germs. These pros can do it much effectively than probably anyone in your office can, because they have the tools and knowledge. With professional services, at least you know you’re doing things right, and that you’ve done all that you can in ensuring the safety and health of your personnel.

DBS Building Solutions® can handle all of you commercial cleaning needs in RI, MA, CT, & RI.