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Commercial cleaning services by DBS Building Solutions keeps your facility or office clean and ready for customers and employees. We take care of your office cleaning & building maintenance needs.

DBS Building Solutions is an organization focused on providing distinguished and uncompromising commercial cleaning services & building maintenance services.

With several locations throughout America, and growing, DBS Building Solutions is responsible for delivering building maintenance services to over 750 loyal clients offices and facilities like yours, occupying over 2.5 million square feet of commercial building and office space.  If you are looking for reliability and consistency in janitorial building maintenance services, then DBS Building Solutions is the company that your office or facility can count on to keep it clean and maintained. We can handle all your office cleaning, building maintenance and janitorial needs.

Our promise to deliver high-quality building maintenance solutions and distinguished customer service is supported by the fact that we do not lock our customers into a long-term contract. Instead, we offer a month-to-month agreement to provide each client with the assurance that our service professionals provide reliable and consistent building maintenance & office cleaning services for you each-and-every time we visit your facility.

DBS Building Solutions is not just a cleaning services company!  We can also be counted on to provide your facility or office with  floor maintenance, snow removal, painting, handyman work and more.

Here are a few ways DBS Building Solutions sets itself apart from other cleaning companies:

  1. Quality Control Each DBS client is assigned a dedicated Operations Manager who will make periodic quality control visits to your facility to ensure that we are delivering high-quality and consistent commercial cleaning services.
  2. Skilled Service Professionals Our service professionals are highly-trained, experienced and knowledgeable in the commercial cleaning & building maintenance industries.  They are carefully screened to ensure that you receive the best and most dependable janitorial services available.
  3. One-Stop-Shop With DBS you eliminate the hassle of having multiple companies handling your janitorial services and building maintenance needs. We do it all so you can focus on your business including office cleaning, janitorial services, cleaning services, floor maintenance, window cleaning, snow removal, painting, handyman work and more!