Cleaning & Disinfecting Keeps Employees From Getting Sick

There are those of us that have gone home from work to find out that your son or daughter has gotten sick  from another peer at daycare or school and YOU end up with a cold.  Being sick you still go to work, knowing that there is a potential to spread your sickness to your coworkers but you can’t call in all your sick days for every little cold. This is one of the best reasons why commercial cleaning services and building maintenance are needed in buildings and offices that have many workers.

With routine cleaning and maintenance in place employers can have the confidence that workers will less likely get sick from other workers that are sick and will have higher productivity levels in general.

Routine cleaning by a professional cleaning company is usually more cost effective and thorough at minimizing the spread of viruses versus hiring your own in-house cleaners.  You can get results from a professional cleaning services that make a positive impact for your facility’s environment.

Routine janitorial cleaning includes basic cleaning and disinfecting of floors, surfaces, counters, trash cans, door handles, keyboards and equipment to the owner’s specs as well as trash removal and supplies replenishment for toiletries and trash bags.

Building maintenance  helps keep floors looking new, light bulbs working, walls looking fresh with new paint and other services like snow removal, professional window cleaning and professional pressure washing and more.

By having routine maintenance and cleaning in place a building owner or office manager can achieve a clean disinfected environment for worker efficiency, a more cost effective and more thorough cleaning vs in-house,  and completion of many of the small problem associated with keeping up with the building maintenance and supplies replenishment needed.