What Goes Into Professional Office Cleaning Services?

Office cleaning services are usually customized to the each office’s particular needs and requests, there are common office cleaning practices though, including:


Office Dusting

Dusting:  Dusting from the fans to the shelves and more keeps allergens down and employee moral up through a spotless office environment.  Air conditioning filter replacements regularly prevent allergens and dust build up also.  A good office cleaning service will also change any bulbs that need changing and offer other maintenance to keep your office running well.



Cleaning:  Cleaning can involve an array of different types and levels of cleanliness.  Usual cleanings include vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, wiping of surfaces, steam cleaning chairs and carpets, wiping down walls, and cleaning bathrooms and more.



Disinfecting:  Disinfecting involves using special chemicals to prevent the spread of infectious germs and viruses.



Floor Care

Floor Maintenance:  Floor maintenance can involve machine stripping and waxing floor surfaces to make them look new again.


Window Cleaning: Window cleaning can involve scaffolding and an array of safety procedures to clean exterior windows on office buildings as well as interior window cleaning.Window Cleaning


Trash Removal & Supply Replenishment:  Trash removal & supply replenishment usually includes the removal of trash from trash receptacles and trash bag replacement as well as toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizer stations, commercial air fresheners, etc.


There are many more things that go into professional office cleaning services, but the above are the most common.


Having an office that performs as well as the personnel it holds takes a lot off effort in large offices. Be sure to choose an office cleaning company wisely.