Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Service

Woman smiling for picture holding a broom in a warehouseChoosing a commercial cleaning service is more complicated than you would perhaps imagine. Even though that in it-self may be off putting, a thorough explanation as to why it is complex should help to settle those nerves.

No matter your location, there is a reasonable chance that you will have a number of cleaning companies available that offer a wide range of cleaning services. Each one will tend to proclaim that they are indeed the best, but obviously, you cannot take everything that they say for granted

So, what do you do?

The answer is straightforward; you must be prepared to do your research. For this, there are several key points to take into consideration before you make your final decision, and each one should just make things a bit easier for you when it comes time to choose a cleaning service for your business.

So, let’s begin…

  1. Reputation

The first thing to consider is the cleaning company’s reputation. In years gone by, this was primarily done by word of mouth, and even though we are in the digital age, this is something that can still be beneficial to you. However, you will discover a plethora of useful information regarding the reputation of a particular company by venturing online.

For this, directory websites such as Yelp, Google, and various Social Media platforms will ultimately become your friend. On each of these websites, private individuals and businesses that have a direct experience with these cleaning companies can leave their review, and it is those reviews that will help you to decipher what their reputation is within the area and industry.

Reputation is perhaps the key point, and it is merely because of the way in which it builds up to something else that is important, trust.

  1. Customer Service

Any business with poor customer service should be avoided. As the customer, you should be viewed as being the most important individual, or business, alive today. Any complaints or questions you have must be dealt with professionally and promptly and not simply left hanging. No question should be regarded as being a waste of time, and even if a request cannot be fulfilled, this should be explained in a professional manner.

Customer service is about going that extra mile to make sure that a customer is satisfied with their experience. You will often discover that both customer service and the general reputation of a cleaning company will go hand in hand.

  1. Quality Assurance

Let’s be honest; you are hiring a commercial cleaning company to get things cleaned. You want to know that they will be able to perform the task to the best of their ability and that their ability is far beyond what you would have personally been able to achieve.

Quality assurance that the task at hand will be carried out professionally and to a consistently high standard should be the absolute minimum that you expect or demand. No cleaning company that is worthy of being hired should have an issue with offering you their assurance that you will indeed be happy with the outcome. Of course, you can also check via their reputation as to whether or not they do meet those standards.

  1. Value

Everybody wants value for money, but going for the cheapest option is not always advisable. Instead, there is a fine line between getting value and still getting that quality assurance and finished result that you desire. Merely attempting to save money could result in it becoming even more expensive in the future with you grumbling that perhaps you should have just gone for the slightly more expensive option at first.

However, there is also no point in paying a more expensive company if the end result does not merit the cost. Once again, your research into the cleaning company and the standard of their work will make it easier for you to ascertain as to whether or not they are indeed offering you value.

  1. Contracts & Commitments

Contracts and commitments can play a key role in choosing a commercial cleaning service. If the company in question has held contracts with various clients for a substantial period of time, then that can offer some hope that their work is to a high standard. Also, there should be a willingness for them to effectively prove themselves to you prior to signing any contract.

Being a client’s regular cleaning company for a prolonged period also shows a sense of commitment on behalf of both the company as well as the client. It proves that there is something that is mutually beneficial to both, and it does mean that there could be the potential for your relationship with the company to follow along the same lines.

  1. Experience & Training

There is more to cleaning than just putting in some elbow grease. To get the best results, you want a company that has not only the experience, but also the training in the latest techniques, methods, and machinery.

Experience counts for so much as all of that knowledge will prove to be useful in so many situations. Understanding the tricks of the trade to remove those stubborn stains or getting items of furniture back to looking their sparkling best can only be taught to a certain extent as it is the actual in-job experience that counts for so much

Furthermore, you should be able to ascertain as to whether or not they continually train their employees as methods and technology evolve. A company that is left in the past will find it difficult to come up to the standards you expect, so asking the cleaning company about both their experience and training should always form an integral part of your decision.

  1. Employee Screening

Employee screening is something that cannot be overlooked, and as a potential client, you have the right to know the process that the company in question uses for this very thing. You must remember that their employee will be coming into your space, so you must know that they can be trusted and that the employer has carried out their own due diligence. If you discover that they do not screen their employees, then you would be strongly advised to look elsewhere.

  1. Customized & Additional Services

A commercial cleaning company that tries to go that extra bit further will be appreciated by the client. Also, not being so rigid in the services they provide can allow you, the client, to customize what it is that they will be doing for you.

By doing this, it means that the working relationship will tend to flow more freely as both parties know what to expect. The list of potential additional services is extensive. Perhaps you require customized schedules that fit into your current plans? Could the current cleaning packages be changed to suit your requirements? Maybe you are looking for something after-hours? For some, there is a requirement for a more advanced and thorough cleaning arrangement such as at a medical facility or a clean room.

The key is that there should be that degree of flexibility and a willingness from the company to assist you in getting the services you need without simply telling you that it is impossible. Even something that is relatively minor such as changing light bulbs can make a significant difference.

  1. Company Procedures

Being aware of the company procedures can also make a difference. How do they gain new clients? What procedures do they have regarding checking the quality of the work undertaken by their employee? What policies do they have when it comes to dealing with special considerations or requests? What happens when something goes wrong or an accident occurs, and it has to be rectified? Also, how do they evaluate a potential new contract? What processes do they work through to help them to develop a plan of action that will allow them to move forward with you?

By studying the procedures of a company, you can learn a significant amount about the structure and also how competent they may be.

  1. Access Considerations

Finally, there must also be some time spent regarding access considerations and how the commercial cleaning company works to create a schedule that ties in with your needs. Often, the cleaning will be done after-hours, and that leads to various security concerns that must be addressed.

Who in the company is responsible for dealing with alarm codes and the safe-keeping of keys? You can also take into consideration their procedures for coping with access problems or security concerns to further boost your confidence in the company.

The ability to gain access to your location is paramount for them to be able to fulfill their purpose. However, for your own peace of mind, as well as insurance coverage reasons, you must be aware of the safety protocols that have been put into place before you allow any company to begin work.

Choosing a commercial cleaning service can be stressful, but the ten points listed above have been designed to just remove some of the burdens that could have been weighing you down. Remember, you will have more than just a solitary option available, so do not feel pressured into making any decision. Look at the points and apply them to every company and once you have done so, you will generally discover that there is one company that stands out above all others and that is the commercial cleaning service for you.

Are You Ensuring That All Your Office Cleaning Needs Are Met?

dbs commercial cleaning servicesOffice cleaning is a service well sought in a lot of places. With many commercial establishments in the region and little time to cater to polishing needs, many building owners usually have different cleaning needs which are carried out at odd after duty hours. Office cleaning companies have learned to diversify their services in order to meet the different client needs. These are also offered at odd hours according to the time specified by the office owners. The contract cleaning services available include:

Daily office cleaning
This refers to general cleaning services offered to office owners and companies on a daily basis. These usually include vacuuming, dusting, clearing trash cans, clearing surfaces like the sinks and rinsing the washrooms. These services usually have a fixed hourly rate depending on the time required to cleanse the offices. The polishing time is usually dependent on the size of the office and the amount of cleaning required. Daily office cleaning is usually an ongoing service offered to clients from the time the service is booked until the client wishes to terminate the service.

Kitchen cleaning
Kitchen cleaning encompasses overall cleansing of the office kitchen. This usually covers taking care of the dirty utensils and cutlery on the sink, the oven, the fridge, and any other component in the kitchen. This can be requested as a daily service, weekly or monthly service depending on the type of polishing the company requires.

Window cleaning
Window cleaning is usually a fortnightly or monthly polishing service offered to clients. This involves stationing staff that are well trained in window cleaning to ensure that the windows and window panes remain clean. This is not an everyday service thus the company sends cleaners when there is need. Regular window cleaning can also be done depending on the company’s specifications. A company may choose to select both window and curtain washing services to ensure that the curtains used on the windows are also left looking clean.

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning is a specialized service that leaves the carpets in the office clean. Carpet cleaning usually involves a number of services. It includes the use of carpet washing machines to leave the carpet clean. This could either be shampooing or daily carpet vacuuming. Deep cleaning of the carpet is also done occasionally. Stain removal is also carried out on carpets to remove any form of stain that may be on the carpet. In addition, there is carpet rejuvenation which is done to remove any form of stiffness on the carpet fibers. The fibers that are lying flat are made to maintain an upright look which usually leaves the carpet looking as good as new.

Upholstery cleaning
Upholstery cleaning is part of office cleaning. After time, the chairs used in the office collect oil and dust thus leaving bad stains on the seats. Upholstery cleaning ensures that all the dirt is removed leaving clean and bright seats.

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